Lenny Lilac Suspended from VCW Presidency

Lenny Lilac Suspended from VCW Presidency Leonard Hogtown Pro Wrestling cheater commonwealth council

by Big Baba Newue Sept 11, 2015

Just announced and only days before the Brass Knuckle Sandwich event at Lee’s Palace, Leonard Lilac has been suspended from the role of VCW President.
Lilac is still a member of the board of directors but no longer holds the top spot of President. This decision came to pass after Lilac did not appear at any VCW events for well over two months. Turns out he was on an unannounced vacation using company funds. That may seem like a slimy move but it’s the kind of thing Lilac is known for. This along with other incidents, most notably favoring wrestlers, became more and more prevalent as his time in office went on. He gave Goliath Ayala a chance to regain the Tag Team straps with an instant match clause that saw Chunk E Fresh lose the belts immediately after a fighting a grueling streetfight against another opponent.
Even as far back as his first moments on the job, Lilac felt very comfortable in the position. Suspending Bill Skullion and quietly terminating his contract under the radar, plus doing the same to Matt Milan. Supposed private issues between the two led Lilac to allow Milan to take all the heat from an altercation between him and Rex Atkins. Atkins returned and went on to become Tag Team champion. Milan has never been seen again. At first it looked like Lilac did the right thing… But now we are finding out it was for the wrong reasons. But it seems the Commonwealth Commission are doing this for the RIGHT reasons.
With Lilac still on the board it’s probably not the last we’ve seen of him and in the meantime,
Commissioner TB Doyle will be once again be handling the responsibilities of the top job in VCW until new candidates can be selected and a vote can be made.

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