Royal Canadian Tag Team Champions

Royal Tag Team Championships
1.) The Empire (Marcus Marquez & Sebastian Suave) w/Seleziya Sparx defeated Super Smash Bros and C & C Wrestling Express (James Champagne & Cody 45) to become the first ever Royal Tag Team Champions

2.) Gym Rats 2.0 (Alessandro de Bruno & Hacker) defeated The Empire in a Street Fight. CheckMate made a surprise debut and attacked the newly crowned champions post-match

3.) Check Mate (Christopher Bishop & Lionel Knight) defeated Gym Rats 2.0

4.) Steady Wave (Johnny Wave & Tariq) defeated Check Mate in a Street Fight

5.) Aeroform (Louis Lyndon and Flip Kendrick) defeated Steady Wave

6.) The Young Bucks defeated Aeroform

7.) Aeroform(2) defeated the Young Bucks

8.) Royal Tag Team Championships were vacated

9.) Super Smash Bros defeated the Fraternity

10.) The Fraternity defeated Super Smash Bros

11.) Super Smash Bros(2) defeated the Fraternity in a Career vs Championships Match. The Fraternity attacked the champions post-match and stole the tag titles.

12.) The Fraternity(2) defeated the SSB in a Frat House Brawl on Nov 11th, 2017.