What really happened at the Death of Hogtown?

Well… when Mysterion gloats, he sure gloats in style. It was Sunday, Sept 17th at the Rockpile – 5555 Dundas St W in Etobicoke. It was the Death of Hogtown and the was road paved rather quickly.

This past June, the epic journey of Hogtown Pro Westling came to an abrupt end, and after five long years, the company was supposedly no more. A shame too, the future seemed so bright. New banners, a new season of TV on the way, and Mysterion had been fired months ago.

Not just that, but this reporter has found out the evil Saki San was in AA, the reason he had not to be seen in months. Plus the third of Hogtown’s regular antagonists, the annoying Herschel Ben Levi, his monster and his champion… all vanquished.

To top it all off, the company had a brand new championship to start the 6th season off with a bang, the Television Championship. But that’s when it all went sour.
If you are looking for the grizzly details you can read about them all right here on this site, but suffice to say Mysterion was not as vanquished as we may have hoped.

In fact, he shut the whole shindig down.  Not just Hogtown, no no. The whole VCW entity, even Rogers TV itself. It was Superslam in June where the D-Man handed Mysterion the TV title belt and the Mindreader let us all know he owned all but the tiniest droplet of what was once VCW.  But it was just a mere month ago, on August 31st, that the final broadcast of Rogers Community TV in Toronto aired. Mysterion had finally won.

As it turned out, 20% of the company was still owned by President Matthew Bradley. Most believed Mysterion a liar, claiming he took control of all physical and intellectual property associated with Hogtown & VCW and that his lawyers assisted in the shutdown of Roger’s TV. But with no shows for almost 3 months, they also feared the worst. Then last month it all happened. Rogers Television shut their doors to the community division permanently and Hogtown aired it’s last hurrah. Making the announcement at the Lucha in the 6 Plancha Tendencies event, Mysterion glowed as he clucked and preened over a job well done. He began to lay out the plan for his own event, the final Hogtown event EVER. The Death of Hogtown.
He even announced his very own champion, the Death of Hogtown Champ, Karou.

Matt Bradley challenges Mysterion after the announcement of th…

"I Am Crushing Your Head, HAHAHA!"Matthew Bradley confronts Chris Mysterion after his announcement of the NEW Death of Hogtown Champion!Stay tuned as the final teams will be announced shortly.Karou Bab Ross Eightken Jay Moorehttps://www.eventbrite.ca/e/death-of-hogtown-tickets-36633827765?aff=erelexpmlt

Posted by Hogtown Pro Wrestling on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It was at this point Mysterion called out President Matt Bradley. When it was all said and done, the challenge was made.  Bradley put up his last 20% and his career. Winner take all trios match. Matt Bradley picked his team, but that would be all he picked. Mysterion still had company control and the card was stacked with people who we’ve never seen before at Hogtown. Even Bradley’s team consisted of 2 new faces, faces uncorrupted by the Mindreader.

In solidarity to friend Matthew Bradley, SnappyTowels.com brought out a box of Snappy Brand Textured Microfiber Towels for all the boys.They were even branded with the Hogtown hashtag. The only Hogtown mainstay on Team Bradley was “The Man They Call RAGE”, who adored his Snappy Towel. The towels are lightweight, snap together at the ends for all sorts of handy arrangements and are designed specifically for athletes. I have one myself and I can’t get enough of it. It’s been my gym towel since the show, beating all others hands down.  

They are portable, comfortable and wearable. I’d say Snappy Towels are the most fun and useful towels you’ll ever own! Once you get one, it’s the only towel you’ll ever want to take to the pool, beach, gym, cottage, on vacation, cruises, sailing, camping, diving, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, trekking, backpacking, surfing and of course… to the wrestling show!

At the end of the night though, it was Mysterion who needed a Snappy Towel to wipe up his tears.  It was Team Bradley that came out on top. The Hogtown debutants Oleg the Usurper and Buxx Belmar teamed with Rage to topple Buck Gunderson, Karou and Mysterion’s secret weapon, the master of snake style Ophidian.

Since the victory, the Hogtown office has been uncharacteristically quiet, but for now, grab yourself a slice of Amico’s Pizza and a Snappy Towel… it’s time to rejoice, as Hogtown will live on.






It was great to see so many wrestlers going on Instagram to thank @SnappyTowels

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