The Ironman Plan: Buck’s deceptive grab for the gold

Hogtown Pro Wrestling recently had their annual Iron Man Rumble event, and former two-time champion, Buck Gunderson, made it three times the charm. Many long time VCW/Hogtown/Buck Gunderson fans were outraged by the way he went about it, though. Buck explains his motives at the outset of the most recent episode of Hogtown Wrestling Showcase. Also featured in the episode is his first title defence against a surprise opponent in The Science Guy, Jim Nye.

A totally different Gunderson was on display that night, a man who would do just about anything to keep his hands on that newly won title. Gunderson’s last two reigns were nothing to write home about, with both injuries and subterfuge ending them prematurely. Buck plans to make this one count. 

But there WAS no count when he took the strap from former champion Speedball Mike Bailey, deceiving champion, president and fans by feigning a handshake, and the desire to go after the title when he was 100%. Having been masquerading, since a suspension, as the Wild Machine… many suspect the president was aware and many fans, of course, knew the mannerisms of their former favourite hero. But the Ironman Rumble event was the last hurrah for the Wild Machine. In a horrifying incident earlier in the night, Herschel Ben Levi debuted a new Golem after Gunderson had won a banishment match Levi’s original protégé. Both Golems attacked Gunderson mercilessly and destroyed his leg with submission moves and chairs. The Wild Machine then entered the Iron Man Rumble after Speedball had already eliminated Randy Reign and claimed victory. The President then allowed Gunderson to enter and after an elaborate charade, including unmasking, Gunderson eliminated Speedball and took the crown of Commonwealth Openweight Champion. Gunderson is scheduled this Sunday to defend the title at WCPW’s Pro Wrestling World Cup. Originally scheduled to be Tarik, Buck will now take on another buck in Montréal’s Buxx Belmar. Tune into YouTube and the WCPW Channel to see Gunderson in action.

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