Mysterion FIRED at Need for Speed, Rage vows vengeance against the Hacker

When you spend years and years building a brand, putting your life blood and spirit into a concept, you inevitably encounter some people who are resistant to the idea of you being successful. VCW Wrestling was one of those brands and the resistance they encountered was called Mysterion the Mindreader. But finally… the magic has ended.

Chris Doyle Mysterion Mindereader

Mysterion is no stranger to the world of wrestling having managed Hall of Famers including Bushwhacker Luke and Koko B. Ware to name a few. He has worked in Japan and Australia, where he arguably made some of his most important contacts through Pacific Commonwealth Wrestling and their sister company Union Commonwealth out of Wales. He primarily made his name working with many Ontario promotions, most prominently Bill Skullion’s “Stranglehold”, which is making a resurgence in 2017, and the new Destiny Wrestling out of Mississauga, where he is a commentator on their television show via Bell Fibe TV1. He has also appeared on various television programs including MTV Live, Kenny verses Spenny, Extreme Collectors, Storage Wars Canada and is a regular recurring character on episodes of Baggage Battles. He has appeared numerous times on Much Music, many morning shows including CP24, Breakfast Television and Global Morning Live, many of whom have covered his well known Museum & Oddities Collection

His personal museum, located at the sprawling Mysterion Complex, includes many valuable bobbles and bullion from around the globe, spanning many dynastys, but his pride and joy is his Oddities Collection. This smaller room on the upper levels boasts rare scripts and scrolls, mummified remains of animal deformities and human malformations including two headed fetus’ in jars and the preserved head of a child born cycloped. These all sit amongst government propaganda posters from regimes long dead, worn and rusted turn of the century surgical tools and discontinued torture devices of old. Many of them one of a kind objects from around the world, items whose history has been long forgotten to those not entrenched in the world of alchemy and evil.


But all of that pales in comparison to his record breaking collection of Wrestling Figures and Memorabilia. Boasting thousands of figures and rare hard to find gems, Mysterion’s love of wrestling has always run deep…. some may have called it a lust.






That lust led Mysterion to blackmail his way into the Commonwealth Wrestling Council where he narrowly won a seat on the board of directors of the council’s first Canadian property, the fledgling Victory Commonwealth Wrestling out of Toronto. In November of 2012 Mysterion began to show, that although he was happy to tout himself as a founding member of VCW, he was truly out for himself when he debuted his personal stable he dubbed his Den, consisting of the unlicensed and rulebreaking Royal Guards. Although he was instrumental in negotiating the deal to bring the tag team championships up from Tennessee based Action Force Pro

4f068a_ee8ff7ea6eb244928b5eccf86766172cWrestling and rechristen them the VCW titles, he immediately positioned his guards to take the titles at the very first VCW event in February 2013 and had them attack newly crowned Openweight Champion Colin Douglas days before the company’s second show, determined to place one of his men at the top of the company ladder. These actions along with more attempted bribery gave way to Mysterion being quietly removed from his position on the board, but not before he set himself up with an ironclad managing contract and a bevvy of newly forged alliances.

Mysterion was able to use these alliances, along with business savvy and magical influence, to funnel a majority of the company’s revenues into his own pocket, crippling VCW from its early days. Eventually he was able to place the Openweight Championship around his own waist, taking even more of the revenue in the process, and ushering in a dark time for the company he professed to have help found.1498036_10202814640517305_635732342_o

A year to the day after the company’s first show, Mysterion was unseated as champion by Chunk E Fresh and spent the next year trying to claw his way back into the championship picture, all the while still funneling many of the company’s funds into his own coffers. Eventually gaining the tag team championship, Mysterion felt was on his way back to the promised land, but unfortunately for him he was not the only man behind the scenes causing trouble, blackmailing authorities and generally up to no good, not just at VCW but PCW/UCW and the Commonwealth Council itself. 4f068a_b8751b409fa446c2a0789bd1ab3bbc19Commonwealth Commissioner T.B Doyle quit at the 4th anniversary of VCW and stood by Buck Gunderson in the Superbrawl final before exiting the world of wrestling and leaving the CWC in the dust.

All of this led the eventual creation of Hogtown Pro Wrestling and VCW removing itself from the council mere months before the governing body dissolved amidst allegations of fraud and embezzlement. Many members were removed from VCW management and a smaller, streamlined board of directors became the governing body for what eventually became Hogtown Pro Wrestling. Former announcer William Matthew Bradley became the new VCW President and the company began using the Hogtown Pro name moving forward. All of these goings on left Mysterion completely bereft the power he had used to gain control at VCW and finally cut the supply lines from the front door, merchandise and blackmailing to his own dirty pockets. Hogtown began to flourish but unfortunately persistent problems on all technical levels, although small at first, became apparent to all and was disrupting day to day operations for the VCW Board of Directors.


One of the smartest moves Bradley did was bring in the wrestler Scotty O’Shea, who not only put on a great show for fans, but what was instrumental in creating a diagnostic team of local businesses to track down exactly what was going on at Hogtown Pro. After months of investigation, all arrows pointed directly towards Mysterion and after shuffling around the members of his championship team From Russia with Rage without board approval, Bradley was not only able to FIRE Mysterion in front of a full house for his plots, he felt justified in stripping his man Rage of the Tag Team Championships, to the delight of all in attendance. The mindreader had been not only trying to sabotage TV programming, but was still trying to gather as much information as possible for blackmail purposes and was close to again regaining a foothold in the VCW management structure.

bill-clip2The entire affair deeply affected his reputation, not only being left off current Destiny broadcasts but being rejected by his former running mate Bloody Bill Skullion at the most recent Lucha TO show.

The entire affair has also left Rob Rage with no partner, no manager and most importantly… no title. The Supernova of Superstars has vowed to get revenge on The Hacker Scotty O’Shea at the next Hogtown Pro show.

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