What Really Happened at Hogtown Wrestling’s Need for Speed Event

Blistering action as Hogtown Wrestling put on a superb show at Super Wonder Gallery on 11th November 2016.  Generously sponsored by Sonic Boom Records & CDs and Dine Palace restaurant guide, the show was really well performed from start to finish and featured some big up and coming talent in Indy Wrestling.

15053287_10157654295480702_402741066_oThe mysterious Wild Machine came out to start the show and the crowd went nuts. Many people, including Herschel Ben Levi,  Nick Watts and others claim the masked man is Buck Gunderson. Before his Main Event match, the board of directors wanted a closer look at the man and his in-ring style. After watching him face newcomer Amanuel Hassan from Ethiopia, cousin of former tag champion the dreaded Prince Said, an almost whimsical Matt Bradley said, “Sure doesn’t seem like Buck to me!” and walked away chuckling. At that point we were pretty sure we’d be seeing the Wild Machine again later that evening.

The night had three separate billed ‘main events’ along with a bonus spotlight match from International Wrestling Syndicate out of Montreal. What a bonus! That was a very special match indeed that really drove the crowd into a frenzy..
After that opening foray from Wild Machine, the show officially started off with some of the more brash talent at Hogtown Pro. Including a rare victory for CL Volino over the returning Bruiser Brakken, who fell to the repetitive heart punch of The Sumerian Golem a few months ago. James “Wrecking Ball” Runyan returned to Hogtown sans the fraudster Budd E Fresh, who he knocked cold last show. The young Runyan seemed to expect a heroes welcome from the Hogtown crowd against Eddie Sappalucci. Although he came out with a strong victory, the Wrecking Ball was visually perturbed backstage that he didn’t get quite the response he felt was deserving.

Science Friction: Epic Battle With A Sumerian Golem

Jim Nye vs Sumerian Golem at 11NovAn angry Jim Nye the Science Guy was looking for revenge against both Nick Watts and Herschel Ben Levi, who both interfered in his title match last month. Ben Levi got involved numerous times in that match and so Nye was compensated with a match against the Golem to start his road to revenge. A road that will have some twists and turns no doubt, and some obvious bumps as The Science Guy fell to the might of the mythical Golem in a fun and feisty match that had the crowd on the edge of it’s seats. The battle of science vs religion was never meant to end here, and may have actually just gotten worse.

Latin Lover Nearly Cuckolded in the Wrestling Ring

Martin Casanova with Jessie - The Lover HogtownProThis was a night full of debuts, and The Lover had his hands full with the juggernaut known as “Irish” Erik Donnelly in what was the quickest match of the night. The Lover entered the arena with Jess, his attractive female sidekick, who was taking selfies and texting on her phone the entire time, as usual.

He barked at her to hold the ropes for him, and she did as best she could while still working her phone. Once inside the wrestling ring The Lover debuted some new wrestling gear.


Wthelover4ith everyone watching, except Jess, The Lover took the time to put in his new custom sports mouth guard made for him by Archer Dental to protect his beautiful smile. A good thing too as this match was violent from start to finish
During this encounter, someone suggested that Erik Donnelly kiss Jess, or that she might somehow be convinced to kiss him, and when this actually happened the crowd exploded in cheers and The Lover went crazy with rage, These actions ended up helping The Lover defeat Erik Donnelly with a quick roll-up and another tainted win for the crooked Lover.

Main Event Match #1 – “Speedball” Mike Bailey & Wild Machine vs Nick Watts & Goliath Ayala

Mike hands Shanny the ring girl his robe

Mike Bailey hands Shannon Tebb his stage robes.

Shanny in the City was Ring Girl at Need for Speed, Hogtown Wrestling’s 11th Nov 2016 event. You can read about the experience in her blog.

nickwatssPresident Matt Bradley banned Herschel Ben Levi from ringside in this match, due to the flagrant interference in previous months’ bouts by the evil evangelist.

Nick Watts entered and promptly threw a temper tantrum, and a chair. Of all four men involved in this match, Nick Watts feels he should be facing the man who is his partner tonight, current champion Goliath Ayala, Strangely Watts seems to holds no actual malice toward the champion though, instead blaming current President Matthew Bradley, who he feels has been standing in his way since the first day of his appointment to the position of President.

The action started off quickly as the Wild Machine lived up to his name. It wasn’t long before the mystery man got involved with the Golem on the outside, who Ben Levi had sent down to second the champion in his absence. The two masked maniacs battled into the dressing room area and all over the parking lot out back, according to sources.


The crowd was in full support of the debuting Speedball as he battled hard against both men alone.


After an incredible display of aerial maneuvers and quick thinking tactics, it was the return to ringside of the Wild One that enabled Bailey to finally gain a victory, over the champion no less, in what is sure to be a Hogtown classic for years to come.


What a show!

INTERMISSION – There was brief intermission where some wrestlers signed photos for fans.



One improvement on the show was the presence of Toronto physiotherapist Damian Wyard of Pilates4Physio, who was backstage helping out – his Adeliade St E studio combines the science and clinical reasoning of physiotherapy with the principles of Pilates. But Damian wasn’t acting as exercise master on that night, or as first responder either, but more as a physical therapist and masseuse. The wrestlers loved it – more information about this sports therapy backstage at a Toronto live wrestling show on Pilates4Physio blog.

Pilates4Physiotherapy at 11 nov - hogtown wrestling

Main Event #2 – Hogtown Tag Team Championships

The Dirty Vets v From Russia With Rage

mysterion-trumpMysterion and Rob Rage came to ringside, after the introduction of the Dirty Vets, and praised the success of Donald Trump and his conservatism, vowing to take inspiration from the campaign to Make Wrestling Great Again, here at Hogtown Pro Wrestling.


For the second show in a row we had no Boris Brezhnev. Both him and Mysterion left before their match last show, deeming the opponents unworthy. A bold move indeed, but this time was different. Mysterion informed the crowd that Boris had his leg broken in Japan a few weeks ago and he has tasked the man who did it with replacing him in his tag team championship duo. The crowd was then formally introduced to Big Ben Ortmann, an MMA style combatant who was rather familiar with the Notorious TID from The Dirty Vets, having had violent clashes with the man in the past.


My absolute favourite part of the entire Need for Speed show happened in this match. At one point all four athletes were in the ring and one by one the wrestlers were brought to their knees by a series of low blows. Then in a comedic scene the four big men slugged each other clockwise around the circle for over a minute. The crowd loved it.


president Matthew Bradley fires Misterion

The team of Rage and Ortmann did rather well and ended up defeating the Vets and “retaining” the Hogtown Tag Team titles for Mysterion. After the match, President Matthew Bradley came out and congratulated the new/current tag team champions. The drama unfolded quickly though as Bradley stripped Ortmann and Rage of the belts because Mysterion did not inform the board of the changes and injuries. This may seem a bit harsh, but Bradley cited Rage’s repetitive physical abuses of him over the last few months as a partial factor and that was not all.

Bradley had secretly consulted with The Hacker Scotty O’Shea about multiple recent computer malfunctions and the two of them put together a diagnostic team of local business’, sending Hutch Henries out to collect evidence of phone hacking from Standard Telecom which led to virus neutralization from A2ZPC which led them to the culprit. Bradley informed Mysterion and the crowd that they knew it was him behind the attacks and with everyone watching, and in the true spirit of Donald Trump, Matthew Bradley said ‘You’re fired!‘ to the malevolent mind reader.


Having lost much of his power and influence over that last years when Lenny Lilac and other members of his inner circle were booted off the board of directors, Mysterion was looking for subtle new ways to control Hogtown from the inside. His loss of power was exacerbated by the recent name change and further internal staff shuffling. The Mindreader got desperate and as it turns out… sloppy. Thanks to Scotty O’Shea and the Hogtown Diagnostic Team it seems we have finally gotten rid of the cancerous Mysterion once and for all.

You can read about the office hacking at Hogtown Wrestling on the company blog – includes a video that traces out Hutch Henries investigation and the research done by Ahmad Zehor at A2ZPC computer repair in Toronto and others.

Main Event #3  –  Gentleman’s Dog Collar Chain Match
“The Professional” Jaxon Jarvis vs Dirty Rex Atkins

After months of betrayals. Insulting his family. Unprovoked attacks. Jaxon Jarvis was finally going to get his hands on Rex Atkins. The advertised Dog Collar Chain match was switched to a Bull Rope match last minute and seemed to suit the flavour better… with both men decked out in old style suit apparel as per the “Gentleman’s” stipulation.


In the end run it was The Professional Jaxon Jarvis with his hand held high and his revenge finally attained. Rex has vowed further retaliation… and I for one am worried about how he plans on going about it.





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